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Probably the purest public server in China

Pure Gameplay

No third-party plug-ins and administrators at all! You also have an authentic game experience!

Our Team

Mature Chinese top team and China's top server hardware to help you enjoy the game!

Server Hardware

Using Dell R730 server, the server reaches 96 cores and 256G running memory! And use BGP three-wire room to help you enjoy the game!

Report Hacker

Harassed by spam? Being abused by external players? It's time to say no more! Report Hacker you will receive a 10 to 100 CNY cash prize!

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16 Average Online
227 Player Has Joined
3 Years Of Server Development
4 Great Staff

Our Team



CraftMineFun is an outstanding server operation and launcher development team in the MC community. It brings together elites from all walks of life and is committed to maximizing the game experience of players. The team has been highly praised since its establishment in 2016.


MCYX Studio

The server pioneered the team and has four years of server development experience. Within four years, it focused on enhancing the game experience of players. The seven-person development team will bring you the best server experience.


OurCraft OperationTeam

The server management team has three years of server operation experience and a four-person operating team focused on your gaming experience.

We promise you will like it, join us now!

Server List


Survival Server

The survival server will bring you a relaxing and enjoyable gaming experience without any third-party plug-ins that affect the original game, and you will also have an original MC!


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